Gullah Hoodoo

Updated: Jul 29

Gullah Hoodoo, founded in the Sea Islands in the Carolinas and in the State of Georgia, is seeing a huge surge of interest. What makes Sea island Hoodoo so unique is that it's integrated into a culture and group of people. In 2021 Gullah Hoodoo is still alive and strong and the folklores that come with the Root Work. Folklores such as the hag coming into the night and riding you in your sleep. The Hag is a person that climbs out of their skin in the night and come into your home and climb on you. Have you ever woke up in the night and was unable to move or scream? Have you felt something or someone pulling on you but was unable to see them in the night? Well, you might have been the victim of Hag! Gullah Hoodoo is not a religion but it is mixed in with Christianity, Islam, and Native American Spirituality it is a way of life. It is how we pray, communicate, raises our children, and how we continue to exist in today's world. Gullah Hoodoo is so mixed in with day to day culture that some Geechees don't even realize they are doing Hoodoo.

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