Men and Women leaving the Church for other Forms of Spirituality

In 2021, there has been a major cultural shift in Spirituality and Religion taking place. The Church is seeing a decline in attendance and people converting to Christianity in the last five years. With the younger generation, there has been a heavy increase of interest in various other forms of Spirituality. Spiritual schools of thought such as Hoodoo, Wicca, Voodoo, Neo-Paganism, and many others have seen an increase. Many are wondering what is causing this increase? Yes, we are in the age of Aquarius and a lot of people are seeking truth on a different level from what the church is able to provide. Some individuals have stated that they have found a higher form of spiritual independence with Hoodoo, Voodoo, Wicca, and other forms of Schools of thoughts. People are seeking God and a higher power without the rigid dogma. Covid-19 has impacted Church attendance drastically with restrictions. People have stated that their new found sense of spirituslity allows them to grow spirituality from any where it gives them a greater sense of control. Individuals that have left the black church has stated they have felt spriritually and mentally renewed and they are having a better realtionship with hiumanity and nature. Reasons why people are leaving the church have varried across the board. Some believe that in the last 10 years the church has lost touch with the world and with thcommunity at large. Others stated that the church has become an giant mega club that only judges its members and make them feel like a victim on Sunday mornings. For some people adopting these other forms of spirituality is way for them to embrace their heritage, its a sense of cultural Pride.

For example Hoodoo is a not religion its origins was known to have empowered Black Americans, during slavery, and Jim Crow. The spells and remedies was used for protection and for healing, this is very appealing to Black Americans being self empowered and self healing in 2021. Some have chosen to remain in the church while experimenting with other religions and forms of spirituality. If one is into Voodoo or Lousianna hoodoo you may also find them attending Mass at the Catholic Church still while mixing the two together. Will the church be able to attract the younger generations back to the church? Time will tell but for the moment people are choosing to explore other options when it come to them being the best versions of themselves!

Written by

Dedrick Hilton

Metaphysical Priest

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